Mass Call In To Demand That Wolf Meet With Prisoners' Families

On Monday, November 5th we keep up the pressure. Call Wolf’s office at 717-787-2500 to demand that he meet with the families and friends of incarcerated people!

Last month, Department of Corrections Secretary John Wetzel and Governor Tom Wolf rolled out some of the most punitive anti-prisoner policies in the country. These new DOC policies violate prisoners’ rights, restrict access to educational materials, and surveil and delay people’s correspondence with loved ones on the outside. 

On October 10th at a fundraiser in Philadelphia he told several family members of incarcerated people that he would meet with family members and friends of incarcerated people to hear our concerns. One of the family members called to schedule a follow up meeting so we can have our voices heard but she has yet to hear back. 

On the eve of the election we are holding a mass call in to his office to make sure he follows through with his commitment to meet with the families of incarcerated people. Governor Wolf must hear why his harmful policies must be cancelled from family members who are directly impacted!

On Wednesday call Governor Wolf at 717-787-2500 and ask that he follow through with his promise to schedule a meeting with incarcerated people’s families to discuss these harmful DOC policies.

Not sure what to say? Here’s a sample call script:

Caller: “Hi my name is _____[your name]____, from ___[wherever]____ , and I’d like to speak to Governor Wolf or his staff person who handles prison issues.”

[You will likely be told that no one is available to speak with you. You can then tell the receptionist or whomever you are speaking with]

Caller: “I am calling to voice my deep concern about the harmful new policies put in place by the Department of Corrections. These policies are both cruel and costly. I am calling to ask Governor Wolf to meet with prisoners’ families so he can hear firsthand about how his constituents are being harmed. And I am asking him to repeal these policies immediately.”

[Be sure that the receptionist or whoever does not discourage you from saying what you want to say. It can be very powerful to also explain how these policies are impacting you personally, so definitely feel free to share your own story and perspective.]

On Twitter? Don’t forget to tweet at Wolf to let him know how you feel. Here are some sample tweets:

.@GovernorTomWolf why won’t you meet with prisoners’ families to hear about the harmful impacts of new DOC policies on your constituents? We need you to take a stand for human rights and repeal these expensive & destructive policies. #StopDOCcensorship #WolfDoBetter 

.@GovernorTomWolf why are you spending $15 million of taxpayer money to restrict book and mail access to people in prison? Education & family connection help everyone. Repeal these policies now! #StopDOCcensorship #WolfDoBetter

We can no more punish our way to drug-free prisons than we can imprison our way to a drugless nation. @GovernorTomWolf it’s time to listen to people in prison and their families to create policies that foster healing, not despair. #WolfDoBetter

Thank you for calling and tweeting! Keep spreading the word!