Healthcare is a Human Right: Foderingham v. Wetzel

In 2015, Amistad Law Project began corresponding with an elderly incarcerated man named Gary Glasco. Mr. Glasco had a number of medical issues and demanded that the Department of Corrections place him in a single cell close to the infirmary for his health and safety. SCI Somerset, where he was imprisoned, refused. They placed him in solitary confinement for nearly 2 years when he refused to be double celled. We successfully advocated for Mr. Glasco to be freed from solitary confinement and for him to get additional medical treatment for his worsening health.

Tragically, in January 2016, only a few months after being released from solitary confinement, Mr. Glasco passed away. He died from complications of Hepatitis C which was not adequately treated by the Department of Corrections. In January 2018, Amistad Law Project and Abolitionist Law Center filed suit on behalf of his estate against the DOC for wrongful death. The case was settled in January 2020.