People gather in a church for the community resentencing in support of Kempis Songster


Our campaigns organize to win a world where we end mass incarceration and invest in things that truly keep our communities safe. 


Marthea Brown holds a sign that says Mercy and Redemption

Abolishing Death By Incarceration

Policies that disregard people's capacity for transformation and condemn them to die in prison are cruel. We fight to end mandatory life without parole sentences, because everyone should have a chance to show that they've turned around their lives.

A person at a protest holds a sign that says 'Shapiro Show Mercy' in a sea of umbrellas

Second Chances at the Board of Pardons

In Pennsylvania, the Board of Pardons should be a pathway home for incarcerated people who have turned around their lives. We campaign to have the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons recommend more people for clemency.

Kempis Songster speaks into a megaphone with a banner behind him that reads  'Dismantle ICE, Defund The Police'

Divesting from Police to Invest in Our Communities

We fight to reduce police budgets so we can invest in alternatives such as non police unarmed first responders and community based programs that break the cycle of violence.

Candidates gather at the Judge The Judges Judicial Accountability Forum

Holding Judges Accountable

In our work with the Judicial Accountability Table we coordinate court watching programs and shed a light on what's happening inside of courts in Philly and beyond. 

A sign on top of a car reads Free Our People at a car caravan protest

Fighting to #FreeTheVulnerable During the Pandemic

With the crisis of a global pandemic gripping all our lives, incarcerated people are squeezed even tighter. We're fighting to bring people home to save lives.

An audience member asks a question at a community forum with District Attorney Krasner

Prosecutor Accountability and Just Policies

We work with incarcerated people and their family members advocating for just policies that reduce the harm of prosecutors office.

Protestors gather to protest Department of Corrections censorship

Past Campaigns: Overturning the ‘Book Ban’ in PA Prisons

In 2018 we and our allies successfully overturned a policy that banned ‘books to prisoners’ programs and also a ban on family members sending books to their loved ones from publishers and booksellers.