Kris Henderson of Amistad Law Project interview Yvonne Newkirk with a film crew from Bonfire Media Collective

Films and Animation

No Way Home: The Story of a Mother's Struggle to Reunite Her Family

No Way Home is a documentary from Amistad Law Project about a mother’s struggle to reunite her family and end Life Without Parole in Pennsylvania. Watch the trailer and click below to learn more about the film and watch it in its entirety. 

A colorful animated still shows a well resourced and vibrant community

Practical Abolition Animation Series

In collaboration with artist Erik Ruin, Amistad Law Project created a series of short films that lift up alternatives to policing. In this series, we explore ideas for programs that could replace policing with community-based alternatives.

Kariymah smiles as a video crew sets up to film her.

Everyday Philadelphians Want to #DefundThePolice Video Series

People in communities throughout Philadelphia had been calling to defund the police for years. We interviewed 8 working class Black women about why they want to #DefundThePolice and what truly keeps our communities safe: jobs, schools, and resources.