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We're Still Here

We’re Still Here is a series of stories from people sentenced to Death By Incarceration. Over 5,000 people in Pennsylvania have been robbed of hope for a positive future due to Life Without Parole. This is what they want you to know about them.

Tran kneels with elbow on knee

The Refugee: Tran Loc

At the age of 19, my sister and I arrived in North Philadelphia from Vietnam with nothing but the clothes on our backs. Two years later, I was arrested and sentenced to die in prison.

Photo smiles with glasses

The Family Man: Phillip Ocampo

I’ve used my time incarcerated to grow in love—for God, for my family, for the guys I'm doing time with, and the young kids who come through in need of a role model. I believe we have the power to heal one another through relationships. 

Tom Schilk Headshot

The Artist: Tom Schilk

I was born and raised in Kensington. My art has been exhibited at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Barnes Foundation, the Theater of The Living Arts, and various universities. For the time being, I live and work at SCI-Phoenix.