Resources for Navigating Commutation and Parole

Family members of incarcerated people and advocates hold signs in front of Cato Statue at City Hall

Since 2014, attorneys at Amistad Law Project have supported incarcerated people and their loved ones as they navigate Pennyslvania's complicated systems of commutation and parole. We hope the following resource will help you better understand and prepare for the process. Additionally, we host a quarterly support space for family members of people navigating commutation and parole called Hub For Mercy. Register here to receive an email ahead of our next gathering. 


Department of Corrections Parole Resources


The following documents were developed by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections or Parole Board. While they make the process look more organized than it tends to be, they still provide helpful information for incarcerated people and their loved ones navigating commutation and parole. 


Parole Handbook

What Parolees and Their Families Need to Know

Parole Release Process

Parole System Flowchart 


Resources from Allied Organizations and Movement Partners


These documents were developed by trusted partners providing support to people navigating commutation, parole, and reentry. 


Commutation Application Writing Manual

Commutation Kit

Letters of Support Guidance

Project HOPE Reentry Guide

The Parole Release Process


In addition to the Project HOPE reentry resource guide, which is for people returning to Philadelphia, the Second Chance Training Center offers guidance for those reentering other counties in Pennsylvania. You can also contact the Second Chance Training Center directly for individualized help identifying and connecting with community-based resources, including housing, employment, mental health services, social support, religious organizations, and more. You can contact Second Chance directly using this info:


Second Chance Training Center, Inc.

PO Box 36, Aristes  PA  17920

484-226-7358 (c)


Drop us a line if you have other resources you think we should include here! And we hope to see you at an upcoming Hub For Mercy gathering.