Nikki Grant holds a mic at a protest

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What We Do

Practical Abolition: Transforming Justice

In the fourth installment of Practical Abolition we explore how restorative justice programs could serve as an alternative to incarceration and help get crime survivors what they need to heal.

Another world is possible. 

Free Them To Heal Us Members Speak Out for Second Chances

With thousands of people sentenced to life without parole and long term sentences, Pennsylvania leads the world in the number of people sentenced to die in our prisons. This fall we mobilized to show decision-makers that we support second chances.

image shows a hand putting a ballot into a ballot box juxtaposed over a transparent image of spikes on prison wall and razor wire

Amistad Statement on the Partial Defeat of Prison Gerrymandering

For decades people in PA state prisons have been counted for political purposes where they are incarcerated instead of where they permanently reside. Read our statement on the partial victory to abolish this political power grab

Image shows the parkway in Philadelphia with the text 'Celebrating Victories, Continuing to Fight for Care Not Cops'

Victory: Philly Expands Non-Police First Responders for Mental Health Calls

In this year’s Philly budget we expanded non-police mobile crisis teams. Now we must recommit ourselves to fight to take cops out of mental health calls COMPLETELY. Check out our assessment of how we moved the needle and what remains to be done.