Nikki Grant holds a mic at a protest

We can take care of each other.

Mobilize with us to build alternatives to police, bring people home from prison and re-invest in our communities.

What We Do

Practical Abolition: Jobs Not Jails

In the third installment of Practical Abolition we explore how jobs programs providing meaningful work and drug decriminalization could reduce gun violence and end the racist ‘war on drugs’

Let’s get organized to make another world possible.

A group of family members of the incarcerated sit in chairs facing a screen where a bunch of people are online to join the in-real life participants in a hybrid meeting

Free Them To Heal Us Holds Hybrid Meetings to Build Community Power

How do we stay connected and continue to build power to bring people home from PA state prisons as the pandemic continues? In late August we experimented with ‘hybrid meetings’ of our Free Them to Heal Us chapters in Philadelphia and Delco. 

image shows a hand putting a ballot into a ballot box juxtaposed over a transparent image of spikes on prison wall and razor wire

Amistad Statement on the Partial Defeat of Prison Gerrymandering

For decades people in PA state prisons have been counted for political purposes where they are incarcerated instead of where they permanently reside. Read our statement on the partial victory to abolish this political power grab

Image shows the parkway in Philadelphia with the text 'Celebrating Victories, Continuing to Fight for Care Not Cops'

Victory: Philly Expands Non-Police First Responders for Mental Health Calls

In this year’s Philly budget we expanded non-police mobile crisis teams. Now we must recommit ourselves to fight to take cops out of mental health calls COMPLETELY. Check out our assessment of how we moved the needle and what remains to be done. 

Image shows a a covid virus with a black bar running through it and on the bottom half shows an image of the virus made out of barbed wire of a prison fence

Fighting to #FreeTheVulnerable in Pennsylvania Prisons

During the pandemic Amistad Law Project has been fighting bring people home from prison to save lives.