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Nikki Grant holds a mic at a protest

We can end mass incarceration and care for each other

mobilize with us to bring people home from prison and get our communities the resources they need to thrive

What We Do

graphic advertise the ‘When Life Means Death’ episode of Move It Forward

Move It Forward explores a mother’s perspective on Life Without Parole

How can we understand Life Without Parole without knowing its impact on the families of those sentenced to it? In the newest episode of our podcast, we look at the sentence through the eyes of two mothers fighting to bring their children home.

Kris Henderson and Sean Damon of Amistad Law Project stand with Reid and Wyatt Evans

13 People Liberated from PA State Prison

13 people free. 440 years of incarceration ended. Years of work from a vibrant movement pressing on the Board of Pardons and the Governor led to this victory which brought Amistad Law Project clients Francisco Mojica and Reid and Wyatt Evans home.

Everyday Philadelphians Want to #DefundThePolice Video Series

We interviewed 8 working class Black women about why they want to #DefundThePolice and what truly keeps our communities safe. Check out our videos and listen as Martha breaks it down: "Defund is a refund for our communities!"

a report reads pandemic in PA prisonsand shows the COVID 19 virus on top of barbed wire

Fighting to #FreeTheVulnerable in Pennsylvania Prisons

During the pandemic Amistad Law Project has been fighting bring people home from prison to save lives.