Nikki Grant speaks to the crowd wearing a denim jacket

Mobilize with us to end mass incarceration and invest in our communities

We can take care of each other

What We Do

Kris Henderson speaks into a mic flanked by people holding signs that read 'DA Steele Support Geriatric Parole'

PA District Attorneys: Support Parole Eligibility for Elders in Prison

Over 8,200 people in Pennsylvania are sentenced to life without parole or ‘virtual’ life sentences that ensure they will die in prison. Unite with us to demand that PA District Attorney support a pathway home for our elders in prison.

a crowd gathers together behind a banner that reads Free Them to Heal Us with two red colored hands shaking

Let's Build a Mass Movement to End Mass Incarceration

Through Free Them To Heal Us we are getting people organized and building the leadership and power of those hurt by prisons, policing, class oppression and racism throughout Southeastern PA. 

an image shows the Philly city skyline and some of the city from an aerial view in red

Move It Forward Explores How Gun Violence is Connected to Wealth Inequality

On the new season of our podcast we’re exploring the impact of the gun violence crisis -from the personal to the political- here in our city of Philadelphia and what structural forces are driving it. 

Nikki Grant of Amistad films a colorful balloon banner that reads 'City Council Fund Mobile Crisis Teams'

Alternatives to Police: Expanding Non-Police Mobile Crisis Teams Citywide

In 2021 with the Treatment Not Trauma coalition we won $7.7 million for a pilot program in Philly for non-police mobile crisis teams dispatched through 911. In 2022 we fought to expand the program citywide and make it available 24/7.