Nikki Grant holds a mic at a protest

We can end mass incarceration and care for each other

mobilize with us to bring people home from prison and get our communities the resources they need to thrive

What We Do

Amistad Launches Practical Abolition Animated Series

Sending armed police officers in response to social problems is harmful and counterproductive. But what could take the place of policing? In collaboration with artist and animator Erik Ruin, we staked out a creative path to lift up alternatives.

A picture of Walter Wallace reads 'Demand Justice'

No Increase for the Police: Fund Mental Health Crisis Response Instead

We need caring professionals for our loved ones when they experience a mental health crisis. The city of Philadelphia must robustly fund mental health crisis response teams dispatched seperately from the police.

Kris Henderson and Sean Damon of Amistad Law Project stand with Reid and Wyatt Evans

13 People Liberated from PA State Prison

13 people free. 440 years of incarceration ended. Years of work from a vibrant movement pressing on the Board of Pardons and the Governor led to this victory which brought Amistad Law Project clients Francisco Mojica and Reid and Wyatt Evans home.

a report reads pandemic in PA prisonsand shows the COVID 19 virus on top of barbed wire

Fighting to #FreeTheVulnerable in Pennsylvania Prisons

During the pandemic Amistad Law Project has been fighting bring people home from prison to save lives.