Lawyers from Amistad Law Project stand with a crowd of supporters at Kerry Marshall's resentencing


We pursue impact litigation that reduces the harm of prisons and frees our people. As movement lawyers, we believe our clients are the driving forces in their own liberation. 

Terrell Carter and Kempis Sonsgter embrace after Rell was released from prison

Assisting Commutation Clients at the Board of Pardons

Since 2018, we've reunited 11 clients with their families by gaining their freedom through the Board of Pardons. 

Friends and Supporters of Kerry Marshall gather for his resentencing

Juvenile Lifer Resentencings

In 2012 a US Supreme Court decision ordered that people sentenced to mandatory life without parole as kids be resentenced. We successfully represented several juvenile lifers at their resentencings and mobilized to support others. 

Marie Scott poses for prison photo

End LWOP: Scott v. Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole

Amistad Law Project, along with the Abolitionist Law Center and the Center for Constitutional Rights, sued the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole in an effort to overturn mandatory life without parole for felony murder.

Darrick Hall and members of Amistad Law Project pose together for a photo on the occasion of the first visit where they weren't separated by a plexiglass barrier.

Solitary Confinement is Torture: Hall v. Wetzel

Along with the Abolitionist Law Center and the Roderick and Solange MacArthur Justice Center at Northwestern University we sued the Department of Corrections to end the 24 year long solitary confinement of Darrick Hall. 

Mumia Abu Jamal and members of Amistad Law Project and Abolitionist Law Center post together

Free Speech: Abu-Jamal v. Kane

Shortly after Amistad Law Project incorporated in October 2014, we sued along with a number of other public interest law firms to strike down the Revictimization Relief Act, a dangerous law that would've silenced incarcerated people. 

Attorneys from Amistad post with attorneys from Abolitionist Law Center, ACLU of PA, PA Institutional Law Project and Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis

Defending the Right to Confidential Communication with Counsel: PILP et al

In 2018, the Department of Corrections started copying and storing the legal mail of incarcerated people. We and a number of closely allied public interest law firms filed suit and put a stop to this flagrant violation of their rights. 

Healthcare is a Human Right: Eaddy v. Noel

In 2018, Amistad Law Project, Abolitionist Law Center, and Carey Shenkman filed suit against the Department of Corrections on behalf of Lester Eaddy and made sure that he would receive direct-acting antiviral treatment (DAA) for his Hepatitis C.

Healthcare is a Human Right: Foderingham v. Wetzel

In 2015, an elderly incarcerated man named Gary Glasco who we had been corresponding with died due to lack of adequate medical care. We filed a wrongful death suit against the Department of Corrections and held them accountable.