Hub For Mercy: Help Your Loved One Navigate Commutation and Parole

a graphic shows members of Amistad Law Project with people who they helped liberate from prison through commutation

We help each other find our way to freedom. In Pennsylvania everyday incarcerated people and their families grapple with the broken system’s of commutation and parole. On the inside people share information and swap notes and are also lean on the knowledge of people who have taught themselves about the law in the law library. On the outside, however, it can be sometimes hard to know where to turn. Family members can feel isolated, confused and at a loss for how to help their families.

That’s why we at Amistad Law Project started the Hub For Mercy. Originally a part of our Free Them to Heal Us organizing project the Hub for Mercy is a space where family members can ask questions about the process and brainstorm with others how they can help their incarcerated loved ones as they navigate the systems of commutation and parole.

Inspired by Participatory Defense Hubs that started in Philadelphia in 2018 and which were initiated in California in 2019, the Hub for Mercy is a space where we can get our questions answered and brainstorm ways we can help the people we love. Amistad Law Project’s Legal Team are present at each meeting and can offer the perspective of professionals who have had to navigate the system for years.

We host the Hub For Mercy every over month on the second Tuesday at 6 PM. For 2023 the Hub for Mercy will happen on the following dates: May 9th, July 11th, September 12th and November 14th.

Are you interested in getting help for your loved ones? Sign up on the form below so we can reach out to you and make sure you get the link for the next online meeting of the Hub For Mercy.


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