Call City Council: Demand Mobile Crisis Separate From Police

a graphic shows a phone connected to a phone cord made of hearts. Text reads ‘On Thursday Call City Council Demand Care Not Cops

We’re making headway in our struggle for #CareNotCops, but we need you to raise your voices with us.

We must take responsibilities away from armed law enforcement and put them into the hands of caring professionals. We should be able to call 911 and get a mental health professional to care for our loved ones in crisis without bringing a police officer to the scene who might agitate them or worse harm them.  However, right now the city is prioritizing a ‘co-responder’ model that will send an armed cop along with a mental health professional to people experiencing a mental health emergency. We want to cancel the co-responder program and fully fund mobile crisis teams instead. 

At recent hearings, some city council people have questioned this ‘co-responder’ plan and pointed out that mobile crisis teams could be dispatched separately from police through 911. One council member has even scheduled a hearing on the issueMomentum to cancel the co-responder program is growing and we need all of city council to hear from you! 

This Thursday call city council and ask them to cancel the co-responder program and instead fully fund mobile crisis teams that will be dispatched separately from the police.

Look up a list of all your elected officials by your address here. 

We’ve also provided this handy list below!

District Council Members (Represent People In Certain Areas)

District 1  - Mark Squilla: (215) 686-3458(215) 686-3459

District 2  - Kenyatta Johnson:  (215) 686-3412(215) 686-3413

District 3  - Jamie Gauthier: (215) 686-0459215-686-0460

District 4  - Curtis Jones, Jr.:  (215) 686-3416(215) 686-3417

District 5  - Darrell Clarke (Council President): (215) 686-3442(215) 686-3443

District 6  - Bobby Henon: (215) 686-3444(215) 686-3445

District 7  - Maria D. Quiñones-Sánchez: (215) 686-3448(215) 686-3449

District 8  - Cindy Bass:  (215) 686-3424(215) 686-3425

District 9  - Cherelle Parker: (215) 686-3454(215) 686-3455

District 10  - Brian O'Neill:  (215) 686-3422(215) 686-3423

City Council Members At-Large (Represent People Throughout The City)

Kendra Brooks: (215) 686-3438(215) 686-3439

Allan Domb:  (215) 686-3414(215) 686-3415

Derek Green:  (215) 686-3450(215) 686-3451

Katherine Gilmore Richardson:  (215) 686-0454(215) 686-0455

Helen Gym:  (215) 686-3420(215) 686-3421

David Oh: (215) 686-3452(215) 686-3453

Isaiah Thomas:  (215) 686-3446(215) 686-3447

We deserve TREATMENT NOT TRAUMA. This Thursday speak up so we can win all of our communities what they need!