March 6th: Learn How a PA Voting Rights Act Can Fight Mass Incarceration

Nikki Grant speaks at a podium with a sign on it that says Voters Decide

In Pennsylvania and across the country, people in power are trying to further entrench that power by restricting the rights of voters. At the same time, they have chipped away at the protections of the federal Voting Rights Act over the last decade. State Voting Rights Acts provide key protections to ensure Black and Brown voters can register our power at the ballot box. That’s why Amistad Law Project is part of a coalition working to pass a Voting Rights Act in Pennsylvania.

Even as Pennsylvania has become more racially diverse, the state legislature, especially the Senate, is still overwhelmingly white. Far too many Black, Brown, and poor voters are excluded from the electoral process because of gerrymandering, inaccessible polling locations, insufficient access for non-English speakers, voter intimidation, and more.

A legislature that reflects the people they serve will be better positioned to develop policies that align with the will of the people. This means key priorities for our movement, like second chance legislation, will be more likely to pass when voters have the protections they need to make their voices heard.

Come out this Wednesday, March 6th to learn more about the movement to build power by passing a Voting Rights Act in Pennsylvania. Register here to join us at Mosaic Community Church (123 S. 51st Street) from 6:00 - 8:00 PM. We will have food, so please RSVP! And we would love to have you on Zoom if you can’t make it in person.

We look forward to mobilizing with you to secure the rights our communities deserve.