Teach-In on Non-Police Mental Health Crisis Response. No to Co-Responders!

A graphic reads Philadelphias Deserve Treatment Not Trauma

This Thursday, May 27th at 6:30 PM join us for a teach-in from the Treatment Not Trauma coalition. 

Philadelphians should be able to call 911 to get a caring mental health professional to help their loved ones in crisis. The city has proposed centering 'co-responders' dispatched through 911 or police and mental health professionals responding to crises together. But co-responders are still a police response!

The police escalate crises, often agitating people in crisis, traumatizing them or causing injuries and even the death of those who need help. Join mental health practitioners and community based advocates in the Philadelphia Treatment Not Trauma Coalition for a discussion on how we can invest in a completely non-police response instead!

Register to attend the event here: http://bit.ly/tnt-teachin


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