Tweet at Mayor Kenney to Demand Non-Police Mental Health Crisis Response

a graphic reads ‘tell meyor kenney, fund care not cops’ and shows a version of the twitter logo.

THIS THURSDAY Join us in demanding a just mental health crisis response for Philly.

Philadelphians should be able to call 911 for a loved one in mental health distress and get help from trained mental health professionals, not cops!

The ‘Coresponder Model’ has been presented as a solution to this problem but while a mental health professional will show up they will be accompanied by an armed cop who is getting paid more than the mental health professional!

On Thursday tweet at @PhillyMayor and demand the $7MM currently earmarked for the coresponder program be moved to mobile crisis units. Also demand that the contractor Merakey pay the vital members of the mobile crisis teams a fair wage!

We deserve systems which keep us safe not ones that harm us!


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