VIDEO: Reopening Hope Event Celebrates People Coming Home from Prison

A screenshot of a zoom meeting shows people holding up signs with messages of hope and liberation

If you didn't get to participate in this event the first time around this video is not to be missed! Homecomings and community gatherings like this one are the fuel in our fight for mass liberation.

On March 1st, Amistad Law Project and our movement family celebrated the return of 13 people from PA state prison who had recently been released through commutation. A strong community spirit coursed through the event as we renewed our commitments to fight to bring even more home. 

Most importantly we got to hear from five recently commuted lifers, Dennis and Lee Horton, Reid and Wyatt Evans and Francisco Mojica, as well as a number of family member leaders who are fighting for their currently incarcerated loved ones. Staff members from Amistad Law Project Nikki Grant, Sean Damon and Lily Rorick provided some background on the movement that made this moment possible. To end a high note commuted lifer and commutation specialist Naomi Blount closed the event out with a powerful song 'Never Will Forget' that calls on us to remember those behind the walls and fight to bring them home.

Watch this event and get ready to move out for freedom and healing. 


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