New 'Care Not Cops' Episode of Our Podcast Explores Mental Health

Graphic shows the faces of Iresha Picot and Jacqui Johnson and reads Move It Forward Episode 7 'Care Not Cops'

What don't our communities get the mental healthcare they need? How can we be more whole and how can we advocate for systems that help all of our community members heal? In the latest episode of Move It Forward, we look at mental health with two practitioners -- Iresha Picot and Jacqui Johnson. Listen to their conversation that ranges from trauma to mental health crisis response to hip-hop. Learn about the policy changes that could make city services, and what we all need to be well. Check out the episode on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher or Google Podcasts

After you listen learn about Amistad Law Project's campaign for mobile crisis response dispatched separately from the police. 

Philadelphians should be able to call 911 to get a caring mental health professional for their loved ones experiencing a mental health emergency without bringing an armed cop into the mix!.


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