New Podcast Episode: People Impacted By Gun Violence Explain the Crisis

Hand lets go of balloons with text overlaying it that reads 'Proximity: People Impacted by Gun Violence Explain the Crisis'

In 2021 Philly was one of 10 cities in the US that reached it’s highest number of homicides on record. What is at the root of violence in the United States and how do we take meaningful steps to reduce the violence in our cities? In this episode of Move It Forward, we speak to people with close connections to violence about what they think causes it and talk about the impact of seeing great wealth while living in poverty.

The richest 1% in the US controls about 40% of the nation’s wealth. Could this great disparity -which dangles the promise of affluence but keeps it largely out of reach through the legal economy- be one of the reasons why the U.S. has more murders than other wealthy nations?  Is the ‘get rich or die trying’ ethos handed to us by American society killing our communities? We spoke to people from neighborhoods impacted by violence -some who have committed violent acts in the past- and people who are trying to interrupt violence about how we got here.

Guests include Philadelphia District Attorney  Larry Krasner, Kendra Van de Water and Yané of YEAH Philly, Kempis 'Ghani' Songster of Youth Art and Self Empowerment project, Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office Criminologist Oren Gur and more!

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