WATCH: No Way Home is Now Streaming Online

No Way Home Poster

Amistad Law Project is thrilled to make No Way Home immediately available to stream on our website. This moving documentary has introduced thousands of people to Mrs. Dee Dee and her struggle to bring her son home from a Pennsylvania state prison. Through Mrs. Dee Dee’s story, viewers get a glimpse into the experience of over 5,000 people in Pennsylvania who are sentenced to die in prison due to a Life Without Parole sentence––the highest per capita rate in the United States. We hope you’ll set aside a half hour to watch this film and learn about the movement to bring these folks home.


No Way Home has been a key part of an impact campaign, led by Amistad Law Project, focused on educating popular audiences about the human cost of Death By Incarceration. Our community screenings drew crowds of elected officials, formerly incarcerated people, family members with incarcerated loved ones, and leaders in the movement to end mass incarceration.

We were overjoyed to welcome new people into our movement through screenings in Pittsburgh, Allentown, Philadelphia, Lancaster, Norristown, Chester, Reading, and Harrisburg. We were also thrilled to host an international screening in Geneva as part of our coalition’s advocacy that resulted in the United Nations Human Rights Committee calling for a moratorium on all Death By Incarceration sentences in the United States.

We hope community screenings will continue with people gathering in homes, churches, and community organizations across the country to stream No Way Home together. The movement to end Death By Incarceration is gaining momentum in states across the country. Stream No Way Home today and join us in the fight to restore beloved community members to their homes and families. 



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