Everyday Philadelphians Want to #DefundThePolice Documentary Released!

Kris Henderson of Amistad Law Project interview Yvonne Newkirk with a film crew from Bonfire Media Collective

We’re excited to present this short film about why people from across Philadelphia want to #DefundThePolice​.

While some in the media have sough to dismiss the the demand to #DefundThePolice​ by saying it was raised solely in street protests, we knew that it ran much deeper. Members of communities throughout Philadelphia had been calling to defund the police for years. We began to dialogue with 8 Black women in Philadelphia about what they felt would help keep their communities safer. With our allies at Bonfire Media Collective we produced this film to showcase to highlight their voices.

This project amplifies their call to #DefundThePolice​ and also speaks to what keeps our communities safe:  jobs, schools, and resources for our communities.




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