Free Them to Heal Us Network

A group of people stand behind a banner that reads Free Them to Heal Us

Free Them to Heal Us is a project of Amistad Law Project to build the power of people hurt by prisons, policing, injustice and poverty. 

We deserve freedom and the resources we need to thrive. We work to change policies so our loved ones can come home from prison and we work to reduce spending on police and prisons so we can invest in things that actually keep our communities safe. We fight to make sure that the billionaires and corporations pay their fair share so our communities have access to good paying jobs, quality public education and the necessities they need to be safer places. If our communities had more resources, there would be less crime and a better quality of life. 

an image shows a collage of four different participants at free them to heal us meeting with the free them to heal us logo transposed over them

We operate on one important principle: everyone can organize.

Everyday we ask people in our lives to do the things we need to do together. We ask someone at work to hold the door for us, because our hands are full. We ask someone if they could help give us a ride somewhere or pick our kid up from an after school activity. We all get by, because society is us helping each other get by. 

We take this principle and apply it to building the power necessary to win the changes that we need. If we ask other people to take action with us we'll grow a bigger and more powerful movement. 

Decision makers respond to power. When they see us growing in numbers and taking bold action, we can get them to do the things we need them to do. 

We reach out to other people harmed by the current system to get them involved in organizing people power. We build a caring and strong community to demand that we and our loved ones are treated with dignity and humanity. We learn skills together and build each other's leadership. We know everyone has something to contribute. By standing together, we can build the power to free not just one person, but to change entire systems. 

Struggle changes everything. 

Read our 5 point program to get free.

Join us.